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are you also disappointed w the nbhd lately? because they've been doing all this mixtape shit and writing only about sex n drugs. i also think they're focusing more on merch n touring more than the actual music.





They tour really often and I didn’t notice that like I’ve seen them 3 times to the same set. I’m not disappointed im just bored like cmon we need new shit stop touring and make a good album
(Idc if ppl hate me for this)

The mixtape “shit” is some of the better I’ve heard

They have a mixtape ???

Well kinda
Their soundcloud has the same songs though and even has some good remixes

Oh ty :)!

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Anonymous asked:

what bands do you like besides the nbhd?(:

Arctic monkeys, Drowners, Grouplove, the black keys, coldplay, typhoons, the xx, vamp weekend, the 1975, Bastille, the lumineers, the Middle East, bad Suns, alt-j, the killers, cage the elephant, foster the people, Florence and the machine, paramore, the Maine, bright eyes, july talk idk there’s a lot more lol im just scrolling through my playlists on iTunes

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i'm really happy you agree w me!! i've felt like i'm the only one thinking this. it's been such a long time since their last album and it's making me think that it's impossible for them to do better than "i love you." and if so, i can't really blame them. it's a perfect album.

They make really cool music and have an awesome vibe I would love for new shit to come out soon

Days like this I just feel really stupid and alone