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I just started college and my best friend does to a college two hours away but we group text everyday and FaceTime when we have time and meet each other on breaks! Don't worry!

I group text my squad all the time. It’s gunna be rough not being able to see them a lot but hopefully we continue to be super close :( xx

I honestly have the bestest friends and I’m so proud to call them my friends. Im bawling bc I’ll get to rarely see them now that were not all going to the same school anymore. But going to different universities and living hours apart from each other won’t ruin our friendship.


the neighbourhood (circa february 2013)


☀The Neighbourhood☀

going back to school with bruised legs, cut up and bruised knees, scratches on my arms, little cuts on my hands and a burn on my nose and middle finger which all comes from the last party of the summer here

i start on tuesday looking like ive been attacked how cute!!!!!


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I feel sad and numb :(